Black Lions

Black Lion History

The Black Lion is the official emblem of the 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army.

In early 1960, Troop 175 was invited to spend a weekend with the “Black Lion’s” at Fort Riley , Kansas . That weekend was so successful and the members of the 28th Infantry were so impressed with the scouts of Troop 175 they were declared to be honorary members of the Black Lion Battalion from that date.

Troop 175 adopted as it’s official emblem the Black Lion Emblem from the honorary membership. All Troop 175 scouts who attain the First Class Scout Rank are entitled to wear the Black Lion Neckerchief presented by the troop, a distinction shared by no other scout troop. The Black Lion Neckerchief is a white neckerchief of the standard size, imprinted with the Black Lion Emblem and Troop 175, Topeka , Kansas.

In 1998, the troop established a Black Lion Award , which can be earned by both scouts and adult leaders. The Black Lion Patch is a white shield-shaped patch imprinted with the Black Lion Emblem. The award recognizes scouting ideals and skills and contribution of time and effort to the troop and it’s activities.

The 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment was formed during World War I and subsequently served in World War II , Korea and Vietnam. The battalion served with distinction in over fifty campaigns from France in 1917, to the final battles of Vietnam. In February 1983, the 28th Regimental Colors were deactivated and then moved to Germany. In the summer of 2005, the Black Lions returned to Fort Riley, and were joined once again by the Troop 175 Black Lions in a homecoming campout in February 2006.

Black Lion Award