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Fwd: Worlds of Fun Trip

posted Jul 7, 2016, 6:30 AM by Boy Scout Troop 175   [ updated Jul 7, 2016, 6:30 AM ]

Worlds of Fun trip August 3rd – We have a lot of Scouts and adult leaders that signed up to attend this event during the last two meetings of the year.  You can either pay in advance to be part of the group discount or pay at the gate if you like.  Below are the details for the trip.  


  • Depart First Lutheran Church at 8:30 amsharp.
  • Depart Worlds of fun at 7:00 pm.
  • Return to First Lutheran Church at 8:30 pm.
  • For those who are paying in advance, I must receive checks (make payable to Kenneth Rankin) by 7/20 so I can purchase tickets in advance (10 days advance purchase is required).  No refunds after this date.  I will not deposit anyone’s check until 7/20.   If you also want to include the meal plan for your Scout, please make sure to add that to the check plus tax (8.475%).  Scouts are responsible for their meals and they are expensive at the park.  Here is a link to the meal plans they offer.
  • Scouts are responsible for carrying their money, extra clothing such as towels and bathing suits, phones.  A small day pack would be a good idea.  They do have locker rentals and that would be the best idea once the Scouts arrive.  The Scouts could keep items secure and get them when they need them.  Here is more information on that.
  • Parents should go to the web site in advance.  Just like a good Scout, “Be Prepared”. 
  • Scouts 13 and over will be allowed to buddy up (at least two or more) and explore the park on their own (they must always follow the buddy system).  Once you are in a group, you stay in that group the entire day.  No Scout may leave the park without the consent of Mr. Rankin or another adult leader.
  • Scouts under the age of 13 can break into groups, but must be accompanied by adults.  We will determine the number of groups depending on the number of adults and younger Scouts that plan on attending.
  • We will meet and check in twice during the day.  1:00  & 4:00.
  • Bus money will be due when boarding the bus.  Exact change please. 


If you and/or your Scout are going to Worlds of Fun on Wednesday August 3rdplease email me and let me know.  Please make sure to give me the full name and if your Scout is taking a cell phone, their number as well (so I can reach them at the park).


Cost for group tickets

Ticket (includes taxes and processing fees)                           $38.50

Bus Money (fuel, fund, parking and tolls)                                 $4.75



Cost for those that pay at the gate

Ticket (includes taxes and processing fees)                           $43.38

Bus Money (fuel, fund, parking and tolls)                                 $4.75



Boy Scout Troop 175,
Jul 7, 2016, 6:31 AM